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Virtual Bubble Wrap: A free bubble wrap popping simulator for Windows 8. It lets a user
pop virtual bubbles, and includes four songs (two upbeat, two downtempo), as well as
the ability to change the background color and generate new "sheets" of bubbles. Great
for taking timeouts from something brain-intensive and kids love it!
Pixel Cross: a free puzzle game for Windows 8. It is known by many names: nonograms,
color by numbers, hanjie, griddlers, and so on. The object is to draw the pixel-based,
ultra-low-resolution image by using the numbers on the top and side to figure out which
blocks get colored in. Similar in style to Sudoku, but with much more of a visual element.
Loads of fun!
Lucky Fortune: Lucky Fortune is a free chinese fortune cookie simulator for Windows 8.
With it, a user can get a virtual fortune from a virtual cookie! Great for when the chinese
delivery guy forgets to bring you some fortune cookies, or for a little moment of wisdom
or amusement. Particularly good if you don't like to actually eat fortune cookies but still
want the fun part of getting a fortune!

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